What Causes Loose Teeth? A Quick List

Let’s take a very quick look at the possible causes of loose teeth in adults.

Gum disease

One main cause of loose teeth in mature people is gum disease, which is an infection that influences the gingiva, or gums. Gingivitis is described by an inflammation and irritation of the gum tissue, which can ultimately cause gum depression. This disease can destroy the gum tissue along and the surrounding ligaments of the teeth. As a result, adult people develop loose teeth.nurse


A situation related with jaw compression and tooth clenching, can cause to loose teeth.  In this condition the clenching strength can directly lead to tooth or jaw injury, thus causing the obliteration of underneath roots of the tooth.


Mouth injuries can also lead to the consequences of loose teeth and can be severe enough to cause abrupt tooth loss. Loose tooth injury can lead to broken teeth or even bone fissures, which further eliminate the support for the tooth.



The treatment regarding gum problems is to keep up good oral hygiene routines that comprise of implementation of accurate and thorough brushing technique and frequent flossing the teeth. Bruxism can be prohibited by using a mouthguard at night. For jaw and tooth fractures, the dentist first takes X-rays to verify the degree of injury. Then he may facilitate the loose tooth by a tooth splint.



Precautionary actions are the finest remedy to avoid loose teeth. Episodic dental visits are necessary at least thrice a year along with good oral cleanliness. When probable problems are recognized and taken care of as early as possible, the problem of loose teeth may be evaded on the whole.



The problem of loose teeth in adults can arise as a consequence of ordinary dental situations like jaw injuries and periodontal diseases. A tooth knocked loose in adults may be due to certain advanced gum diseases that can cause deterioration of teeth. Rather than pulling a loose tooth by yourself, it is recommended to visit a dentist for a satisfactory treatment of loose permanent tooth.

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