Advice regarding Loose Tooth In Adults

Do you have a loose adult tooth? Worried about it and want to know what’s going on? Read on for more advice..
There are a lot of causes responsible for a loose tooth in adults. The most commonly responsible factors are trauma (accidental or otherwise) and gum disease. In this article we shall be talking about the various causes, as well as what can be done to deal with a loose tooth once it occurs. The one thing you should always keep in mind, as with any dental or a medical problem, is that you should try and get professional care as soon as possible. Timely intervention will always help in improving the prognosis of the problem.Oral hygiene


Loose Tooth In Adults – The Causes

The main reason, by far, for adult teeth to come loose is the presence of gum disease, which is caused by bacteria. The bacteria are present in the plaque, which is formed after a person eats anything. Once these bacteria grow beyond a certain level, they have the potential to cause gum disease. With time, the bacterial attack spreads to the tooth-supporting tissues and gradually weakens the bone holding the teeth in place.  But with timely attention and care, you can prevent the problem from reaching the level where it results in a loose tooth in adults.


Signs Of Gum Disease

There are signs and symptoms which can help you determine if you have gum disease.

Bleeding and sore gums are the first signs which you would notice. This is an early sign of bacterial growth and gum inflammation. You might notice bleeding while brushing and there are also chances that you may notice bad breath. These signs should not be taken lightly – you should head to a dental clinic for a check-up and the treatment that follows. The other causes such as trauma and accident can happen anytime, while playing or in the house. If engaged in contact sports, always wear a protective sports-guard.


How to prevent a loose front tooth in adults

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Oral hygiene is the best weapon against loose teeth in adults

Prevention is so much better than cure! By eliminating the bad bacteria, you can put an end to any gum problems in the initial stages. The simplest way to do this is to maintain a good oral hygiene routine. You can follow the below mentioned steps, to ensure that you minimize disease-causing bacteria in your mouth:

  1. Brush twice a day: once in the morning and once at night before going to bed.
  2. Use other oral hygiene aids for effective cleaning such as dental floss.
  3. Use mouth-rinses and xylitol based chewing gums to keep the oral cavity free of plaque.
  4. Decrease the intake of sugar based food items and sweetened drinks.
  5. Try and visit your dentist at least twice a year for regular check-ups.


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Loose Adult Tooth Treatment

The exact treatment will depend on the cause, of course. The most common methods employed for reducing tooth mobility are scaling and root planing as well as splinting. Scaling and root planing are dental treatments used to clean the teeth, removing tartar and making them easier to clean at home. The aim is to stop the progression of gum disease. Splinting involves supporting the loose front tooth in adults with a thin piece of steel wire, which is attached to the adjacent strong teeth. This will provide strength and stability to the teeth. If the mobility in the tooth is too great, then the only treatment option may be to extract it and place a false tooth.

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