What To Do If You Get A Loose Front Tooth

A loose front tooth is very normally seen in children. This is a normal phenomenon when the permanent teeth are about to erupt. This however is not normal in adults, unless slowly happening with advancing age. If you are an adult with such a problem, you should definitely set up an appointment with a dentist. The sooner the better, as early intervention may be the difference between holding onto or losing the tooth!

The other option, which unfortunately is commonly seen, is that people persist with such mobile teeth. They hope the problem will get better or just wait for it to fall out. Not a good idea! The tooth may become infected and is also an indicator that all the teeth may be affected by gum disease…


Loose Front Tooth Causes

The most common cause of a loose front tooth in adults is the presence of gum disease.

"Image of a loose front tooth due to gum disease"

Gum Disease is the leading cause of loose teeth

You might be shocked to know that this problem is the main reason for loss of teeth, moreso than decay. This preventable disease is behind much of the hefty dental bills people pay. The problems associated with gum disease are halitosis, bleeding gums as well as loss of attachment of gums.

The other oral problems responsible for loosening of teeth are malocclusions (teeth meeting the wrong way), bruxism (habitual grinding of teeth) and trauma (where the teeth are knocked).


Treatment Options

However, if dealt with in a timely way, these issues can be prevented from causing tooth mobility cropping up in the first place. Or treatment can prevent the problem from progressing if it does occur. If gum problems are responsible for front teeth becoming loose then the following procedures can help:

  • Scaling and root planing
  • Placing splints

Scaling and root planning are treatment procedures which are used for the treatment of gum disease. In these procedures, the disease-causing tartar and bacteria are removed from the gums. Then any rough areas on the teeth are smoothed out. With the passage of time, healing takes place and the gums become re-attached to the teeth in a tight manner. But excellent oral hygiene at home is paramount.

Gum disease expalined:


Where the teeth are too mobile, or gum treatment doesn’t tighten things up sufficiently,  the dentist will try out splinting. Here, the loose front tooth is reinforced using a thin wire to bind it to the adjacent teeth. These are the common treatment options used for treating tooth mobility. In where there is no hope for the tooth, i.e. these options fail, then a very loose may need to be extracted.

If extracted, then implants, dentures or bridges may be used to replace it. Your dentist will explain these options. See here for more treatment advice.



So, you should realize that a loose front tooth is not just of esthetic concern, but can lead to other problems if it is not dealt with. These problems include dangerous abscesses and progression of gum disease in the other teeth. Prevention is key for gum disease, this point is crucial. Ensure that you brush and floss your teeth properly. Don’t smoke cigarettes.

Visit your dentist regularly and in particular if you notice a problem. If treated on time, your loose front tooth might be saved from further damage and mobility.

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